March 2021 Budget – Promising signs for the property industry.

Today’s budget announcement showed promising signs for the property industry. Rishi Sunak’s announcement to extend the Stamp Duty deadline until the end of June 2021 and assist first time buyers with a 95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme could continue to propel an already buoyant market past the post Covid-19 doom and gloom and support the housing industry over the next few years to come. Any signs of a slow-down in the market will only become more apparent in Winter 2021 once the Stamp Duty concessions have been completely phased out. Remember, although we at Venture Commercial specialise in Commercial Property, our team at @VentureResidential specialise in the buying, selling and letting of residential properties in Luton and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to click on the ‘Residential’ tab in the navigation bar above to see whether you are able to take advantage of the chancellors latest announcement.

Team Venture x